The First Internet of Vehicle Blockchain --IOV Blockchain officially Open-source globally

At 10:18 am on December 19, 2019 Beijing time, IOV Blockchain (, the Internet of Vehicles public chain officially Open-source globally, becoming one of the 20 platforms which truly realize the open-source of infrastructure blockchain technology in the world. (IOV Blockchain Github: ). 

IOV Blockchain aims to create a world-class blockchain technology infrastructure, and jointly build a blockchain application ecological scenario with the automotive industry chain to serve the global automotive industry and users. The goal of the IOV Blockchain technology architecture is to support multiple application scenarios in the field of Internet of Vehicle. This technology architecture creatively uses a multi-chain data organization form and a flexible consensus algorithm mechanism, namely MDPoS (Multi-Delegated Proof of Stake). The consensus algorithm has become one of the core technology applications of independent intellectual property rights in the current international blockchain public chain.

IOV Blockchain is technical governed by CNI Blockchain Technologies (Guangdong) Inc., which supports the intelligent vehicle networking multi-application scenario blockchain platform. It has global core technology competitiveness and filled a number of international gaps. Concurrently released Hope 3.0 version of the IOV Blockchain technology white paper.

Main  Technological Advantages of IOV Blockchain

1.At the technical level, the performance of IOV public chain has been greatly improved while the decentralization and safety are guaranteed. The measured TPS has reached 128 times of BTC and 60 times of Eth. With a capacity of 20 million TPS, the IOV Blockchain has become one of the first-line public chain in the world, serving the vehicle industry efficiently.

2.At the application level, the public chain and alliance chain of IOV are combined to open the industrial chain and the community, which effectively solve the specific problems of economic stimulation and storage in the industrial chain and the community vertical field.

The opensource of IOV Blockchain will promote the realization of 5G communication technology in vehicle intelligent network V2X (Vehicle to everthing) scenario. Make benefit to all car users , bring new experiences in vehicle network entertainment and digital value.

IOV Blockchain open-source platform also opened the blockchain technology ecological service provider certification mechanism to open service provider certification and basic technical support for the world's outstanding technical engineers and institutions in order to undertake social governance and industrial landing services.

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