More than 1.94 Billion US dollars’ worth of Blockchain Projects Signed on the First Day of UABA’s Founding

More than 1.94 Billion US dollars’ worth of Blockchain Projects Signed on the First Day of UABA’s Founding


University of Science and Technology of China Alumni Blockchain Association (further referred to as UABA) was established on June 28 in Shanghai. As the world’s first alumni blockchain association, more than 300 University of Science and Technology of China (USTC for short) alumni from Silicon Valley, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shenzhen and other cities around the world attended the inaugural ceremony.


Dr. Pang Huadong, chairman of USTC Alumni Foundation, was elected as chairman of UABA and Cai Yu, partner of Wall Street Wealth Management Institute, as secretary. Ansel Qi, founder of CarLive Chain (IOV), former Alibaba executive and deputy chairman of USTC Alumni Association Guangdong Region, was elected as chairman of the UABA Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Committee. UABA has also hired Dr. Li Bin (one of the “three swordsmen in Wall Street”), Dr. Yang Jingshuang (executive dean of Beijing Institute of Big Data Research and former president of department of core strategies under Goldman Sachs) as senior advisors.

According to official news UABA was initiated by USTC alumni and enterprises founded by USTC alumni on a voluntary and equal basis, which engage in different areas in blockchain ecosystem, such as academic research, technological innovation and application, investment banking, trading platforms, quantitative investment, mining, community media, infrastructure development. UABA will be a strategic association of technological innovation in the industry and focus on innovative development and application of blockchain technology. To explain further, UABA is a compliant, fair, just, sustainable, inclusive and open non-profit organization.

The purpose of UABA is to consolidate and tap into blockchain resources from USTC alumni and accelerate blockchain innovation and project landing. By establishing an effective way of cooperation, UABA will see an enhancement of its overall strength and will quickly gather talents in areas such as blockchain technology and blockchain technology adoption. By doing this, the association can continuously improve its capacity for independent innovation and lead the development of blockchain technology.

At the inaugural ceremony, several blockchain projects from the USTC camp signed a strategic cooperation agreement, among which are EJOY, everiToken, IOV/CarLive chain, Calculus, BADD, Alphacar, SECBIT, DAEX, etc with a total market value of more than 1.94 billion dollars.


Background information:

At the UABA inaugural ceremony, Cai Yui described blockchain talents as two camps, namely the USTC camp and the non-USTC camp. According to statistics, among the 15000 Chinese people who work in Silicon Valley, 4000 are USTC alumni and among the 6000 Chinese people in Finance in the Wall Street, 2000 are USTC alumni. Blockchain projects from the USTC camp have covered almost every sector and it is no doubt that UABA will be a major force in developing the blockchain ecosystem.

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